The Pendleton Farmers Market is open Fridays, May thru October, between 4pm and 7pm on the 300 block of Main Street in downtown Pendleton, Oregon



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  • July 20 : "Taste of Market"

    If you missed last weeks market; don't dispair, we have this week's with all of the local fresh fruits and vegetables.  This week's theme is:  "Taste of Market" and that is exactly what you can do on the west side of the 300 block.  From Honey, eggs, berries and the best cantaloupe in Umatilla county!  Don't forget your cheese, beef for your BBQ, vinegars and delicious breads!  Crafters will be displaying and selling their favorite items from jewelery, soaps, aprons, pot holders, pillows and throws.  It's going to be a perfect day for lemonade, popcorn, a chicken kabob, hot dog or a Filipino dish.  Master Gardners will be giving out a sample and have the kids do their actiity at the kids booth for a punch in their card.  The evenings music will be provided by Umatilla String Quartet. Visit the market table to purchase your EBT tokens and remember this month is SNAP match up to $10 while funds allow!  Get your Smart Shopper card punched and of course we still have tee-shirts, hats and shopping totes for sale.  We welcome new vendors so your can get your information on our website or stop by the market table for an application and guidelines.  We welcome EBT, Debit and Credit cards!  See you at the market from

    4:00 pm - 7:30 pm.  

  • July 14 : Summer Picnic is The Theme!

    Another summer market has approached and the wonderful offerings of the month are available at our market by your favorite regional farmers.  This weeks theme is "Summer Picnic".  Peruse the west side of the street for all the fresh fruits and vegetables in season like, strawberries, cherries, pitted fruits, lettuce, cucumbers and lots more!  Local beef, cheese, and honey, balsamic vinegars, delicious breads, and even some samplings from our local Distrillery.  Pick up your favorite evening snack or dinner from a hot dog, Teriyaki Chicken or Filipino dish and sit and relax with the evenings music by BC Martin.  Craft vendors displaying and selling jewelery, aprons, pot holders and soaps.  Stop by the market kitchen for a quick sample and the kids can get their card stamped for participating in the kids activity.  Our market table has information on membership, sponsorships, merchandise for sale and Smart Shopper cards punched.  Remember that July is SNAP match while funds allow up to a maximum of $10!    Our market accepts credit, debit and EBT. 

  • July 06 : Red, White, and Blue

    Weather is calling for Hot and Sunny but that never detours from another great Farmers Market!  This week's theme is "Red, White and Blue".  Get your red strawberries, your white onions, and your blueberries!  Stop by your favorite vendors to find out what other fresh fruits and vegetables are in season along with a stop at a Craft booth to see what they might have as "Red, White & Blue".    Never to hot to enjoy a refreshing lemonade, a chicken kabob or hot dog!  The evenings music will feature one of Pendleton's favorite ;JD Kindle.  The Market Kitchen provided by OSU Extension and the Kids Booth by Parks and Rec.  Step into the next block for our "First Friday, Fun Friday" which is sponsored by the Umatilla County Health Department.  Lots of activity with the bike fair, car seat check, St. Anthony Hospital mobile breast feeding unit and more!!!  Whew.......Refreshing beer garden provide by Great Pacific!  The market table is located center street; east side where you can purchase your tokens, get your Smart Shopper Card punched and buy a cool looking tee-shirt or hat in support of our market!  July is SNAP match so your can double funds up to $10.00!!!  Yahoo!  See you Friday!