The Pendleton Farmers Market is open Fridays, May thru October, between 4pm and 7pm on the 300 block of Main Street in downtown Pendleton, Oregon



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  • April 20 : "The 2018 market Season is Upon US"

    The 2018 market season starts May 4 at 4:00 pm sharp. We are expecting you, friends, and relatives to patronize the market and endulge yourselves with locally produced fruits, vegetables, animal products, crafts, and many more items that would be of interest to you. We are looking forward to a vibrant market that keeps growing every year. As usual great music will be provided for your entertainment. See you May 4, at 4 pm on the 300 Block of main street.

  • October 19 : "Thank You"

    As we close our 2017 market season, the Pendleton Farmers Market wants to say "Thank You"  Pendleton for your support and contribution to another successful year.  We still have plenty of fall fruits and vegetables available for your enjoyement.  Your favorite vendor is on hand with:  Strawberries, pumpkins, squash, cabbage, peppers, apples, cauliflower, corn and more!    Balsamic Vinegars, Delicious breads, Honey, and Beef are a few items that are also available.  Need a new throw blanket or pillow?  A piece of jewelery?  Homemade Soap?   Stop by Wanda's Warm and Cozies, Larry Begay or Miles Away Farm for any of those items.  Polynesia Food and Delicious Dogs will be ready to serve up a market favorite one last time for the season.  BC Martin and Brad Rozema will provide the music entertainment for the evening.  Our market table still has tee-shirts, hats and totes for sale and get your punch in your Smart Shopper Card.  We accept Credit, Debit and EBT and we are still doing a SNAP match of up to $10 while the funds are available.    Our market is open from 4 pm to dusk so get their early!!!   

  • October 13 : "Apples"

    Enjoy the beautiful fall weather along with our last few markets of the season.  This weeks theme is:  Apples.  Different variety of apples are available from your favorite vendor for baking, canning or just plain enjoyable to eat!  Pumpkins, squash, potatoes, carrots, corn, peppers, cabbage is available along with other delicious fruits and vegetables.  Stock up on your favorite balsamic vinegar from Giannis Fine Foods, delicious breads from Bela Bakery, Phil & Sally's Bakery or Rolling Stone Bakery.   Plenty of honey from Zerba Farms, Pat-n-Tam's beef and don't forget to check out what Finely's Fresh Produce or R&R Produce has in stock.  Stop by these other produce vendors for your seasonal favorites too:    De-Ye'-Yu Farms, Martinez Gardens, Giannakopoulos Farms, Key Family Fruit Farms, Aichele Farms and Ruth and Wally Crafton.  Step a few steps to the left and your at Oregon Grain Growers Brand Distillery!  Craft items from Larry Begay, Wanda's Warm and Cozies, Cry's Davis, Campbell Family and Gorge Print Works. The best Filipino food in town is at our Market with Filipino Cusinio located at the north end of the street and on the south end is a market favorite with Poloynesia Food and their teriyaki chicken kabobs hot off the BBQ grill!  Master Gardners will be at the market kitchen this week with a sample and on hand to answer your questions as we prepare for winter.  OSU/USDA will be hosting the Markets Kids booth with an activity so stop by and participate and get your card punched.  Music for the evening is everyones favorite Dakota Brown!  The market table still has tee-shirts, hats and totes for sale!  We should have your size!  Smart Shopper cards should be about full and ready to redeem for your $5 token.  Remember we accept Credit, Debit and EBT and are still matching SNAP up to $10.  Purchase $5; match $5.  Purchase $10; match $10, purchase $20; match $10!  We are open from 4 pm - dusk so get there early.   Dress warm and see you at the market!!!