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Our Board

We are thankful for the work the board members and other volunteers conduct to run the market.

Hal McCune is the current president of the Pendleton Farmers Market.Hal McCune is a longtime Pendleton resident who spent 10 years as a PFM volunteer before joining the board. He became board president in the 2017 season. Hal has worked many years as a writer, editor and communications manager at newspapers and private corporations. He is an energetic father of 4 and grandfather of 5.


Emily McCune is the treasurer of the PFM. She was born and raised in Pendleton, and has served on the Pendleton Farmers Market Board since 2012.  She serves as Treasurer, and also is a part of the Development Committee which focuses on fundraising for this non-profit organization.  Emily enjoys cooking (especially with produce from the Market), music, and spending time with her family.  Emily has two daughters (and one on the way J), and is married to Gabe McCune, who is a past board member and whose family has been heavily involved in Pendleton’s market for years.  Emily is a proud advocate of the Pendleton Farmers Market and is hopeful that the organization will grow along with the community in the coming years.  The Pendleton Farmers Market is a family event for the McCunes, and you will find them down on Main Street together most every Friday night during market season

When Erin Bartsch is not eating plants, she works for Umatilla Morrow County Head Start as a Child and Family Services Manager. Erin transplanted to Pendleton from California via Indiana (Purdue University) in 2007 and has loved it. Beyond a passion for plants, she enjoys running, camping, snowboarding or photography

Genna Banica was born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon.  After High School she attended Western Oregon University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2007.  It wasn’t until Genna decided to start her own family that she and her husband, Nick, realized the importance and advantages of living in a small town.  They are now proud to call Pendleton their home.  This is Genna’s rookie year on the Farmer’s Market Board and she is excited to be involved with such an amazing community-based organization that focuses on a healthy way of living.

Hi there! I’m Wanda. My award winning blankets, pillows, towels and various other crafts are the talk of my home town of Pendleton Oregon. My love of handcrafts along with some personal hardships lead to me making fleece blankets to which I add a hand crocheted border. At first, this was to occupy my time while I took care of, and sat beside my husband as he lost his battle with diabetes. As I would make the blankets for friends and family members, complete strangers were asking me if I would make one for them, and what I would charge them to make it. Slowly over time, I've come to have quite a few clients, and my business has been developing more through them than any real push on my part. This web site is just one more addition to a business that has been growing by leaps & bounds. I am very grateful to everyone who pushed me into doing this. Thank you all.

Amy Freeman - Amy was born and raised in Pendleton in 1960!  She moved away for a few years to attend college and moved back to Pendleton in 1984 to raise her family.  She has been married to her husband Dale for 37 years.  They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.  Amy retired September 30th, 2015 from Pioneer Escrow, Inc. after 25 years.   She became interested in the Pendleton Farmers Market in 2012 and offered to help with the Garden Party/Fall Festival fund raiser at that time.  Amy became a board member in 2014 and is now the Marketing Chair and the Fall Festival Chair.   She believes that the Pendleton Farmers Market has been a very positive influence on the Pendleton Community and is proud to be a part of such an amazing, family oriented event. 


Christina Hagerty Graebner is an Assistant Professor of plant pathology at the OSU Columbia Basin Agriculture Research Center. Christina’s research is focused on conducting relevant, practical, and applied research on the biology and control plant pathogens and nematodes that limit yields of dryland wheat production. Christina grew up on a farm in the Willamette Valley, and recently moved to Pendleton with her husband Ryan Graebner. Christina and Ryan enjoy cooking, gardening, fly fishing, skiing, and backpacking!

Stephen Machado is a Professor of Crop Physiology/Agronomy at the Oregon State University’s Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center (CBARC) located near Pendleton, east of the Cascades.Stephen is responsible for conducting cropping systems research to develop economically and biologically sustainable agricultural practices for cereals, legumes, and new crops. His research work includes crop rotations, long-term experiments, alternative crops, drought tolerance, site-specific farming, and organic farming.  Stephen is also involved regionally, nationally, and internationally. He was the President of the Biometry Division of the Tri-Societies (American Society Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Soil Science Society of America), and the President of the Western Crop Science Society of America. He is a co-founder of Association of African Agricultural Professionals in the Diaspora (AAAPD) which is actively involved in capacity building and the development of African small holder agriculture.


Bonnie settled in Pendleton five years ago, attracted to the strong sense of community in the area. She works with CAPECO, BMCC and the Eastern Oregon Business Source in creative community building including events planning and fundraising, grant writing, program coordination and brand and logo design. She is a ceramicist, beginner quilter and aspiring successful gardener.

Born and raised in Pendleton; Mackenzie Harvey spends her days working as a dental assistant at Main Street Dental Care and her nights playing with her 2 crazy dogs or her 7 wild nieces and nephews. She enjoys spending Friday’s downtown - supporting and volunteering at the Pendleton Farmers Market. She is honored to join the PFM board and to promote eating fresh local produce and supporting our local vendors!


Cheryl Montgomery, is the Pendleton Farmers Market Manager 

In loving memory:

Longtime Pendleton resident Mary Ann McCune was a faithful member of the Farmers Market board for more than 10 years, most of those as president. As manager of the local Women, Infants and Children (WIC) office, Mary Ann was a big proponent of the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables. She considered the market’s food sample cart and kids activities important ways to encourage all ages to eat healthy and support local vendors. The market was a family affair for Mary Ann and she appreciated that it is a social gathering place for the community. Her enthusiasm, kindness and wonderful smile are greatly missed by the board, our vendors and all those who support the market.

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