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Would you like to be a volunteer? You would? Then you're a saint!! We strongly encourage community members to please come forward to volunteer their time or skills to help run the market. It's fun, you get to meet new people, have a few laughs, and relish in the knowledge that you are making a difference in Pendleton's future. Besides, it's a great way to give something back to the community!!

The Pendleton Farmers Market is run almost exclusively by dedicated volunteers (the Market Manager being the only paid position). From Board members to the folks who layout chalk lines for vendor booth spaces each Friday, the Market thrives on its volunteer staff. Without our volunteers, the Market would literally wither and die, as would a valuable part of Pendleton's lifestyle.

If you would like to "give something back" to the community by volunteering your time or skills to the Market, we would be most appreciative!


Please call us at 541-969-9466 to schedule a time to volunteer or fill out our Volunteer Application and email it to: Or, mail the form to Pendleton Farmers Market, PO Box 747, Pendleton, OR  97801



Other volunteering opportunities are described below:



After the Market closes at dusk, the 400 Block on Main Street needs to be returned to its normal operating condition. This requires that the PFM Information Booth, street barricades, and seating benches be returned to the shed across the street. Light to moderate lifting is involved.


Necessary Skills - A strong back, courteous attitude, and a friendly smile.

Volunteer Time - 30 minutes.


Vendors often need assistance to unload their vehicles prior to the Market opening. The faster a vehicle is unloaded, the quicker a vendor can be set up for sales. Light to moderate lifting required. We need 2 to 3 volunteers each Friday between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm to help with vehicle unloading.


Necessary Skills - A strong back, courteous attitude, and a friendly smile.

Volunteer Time - One hour.


"How long does the Market stay open? Where is the bathroom? Where can I buy a farmers market hat?" These are some of the questions patrons ask at the PFM Booth during market hours. We need at least one volunteer each Friday to help out at the PFM Information Booth.


Skills Necessary

Friendly, courteous attitude; patience; a caring smile and the ability to handle money from the sale of PFM merchandise such as caps and shirts.

Volunteer Time Approximately 3 hours each Friday

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