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The Pendleton Farmers Market is proud to participate in Oregon SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the food stamp program). There are approximately 20 farmers markets in Oregon which participate in this valuable program and we welcome the opportunity to provide quality, affordable produce to recipients enrolled in SNAP.

The program uses a wireless terminal to transmit transactions from a SNAP recipient's "swipe card" (similar to a credit card). Small $1 wooden tokens will be issued to food stamp recipients to purchase fresh produce, vegetable starts and packaged bakery items. Vendors will collect the tokens at the end of the market, return the tokens to the Market staff and will be reimbursed in cash the same day.


SNAP tokens are $1 and there is no minimum purchase or surcharge. Customers can spend the tokens only at the Pendleton Farmers Market. They can purchase fresh produce, vegetable starts and packaged bakery items. No hot food intended to be eaten on site is allowed to be purchased with SNAP.There is no expiration date on $1 wooden tokens.



Our state’s WIC/Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Programs are now called Oregon’s Farm Direct Nutrition Programs (FDNP)! During the Farm Direct Nutrition Program selling season, nutritionally at-risk families with young children and eligible low-income seniors will be able to spend their checks on locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, even cut herbs with authorized farmers at farm stands as well as farmers' markets.

Approximately $1 million dollars go to local farmers whose produce feeds nutritionally at-risk families and seniors. These programs are provided by the Oregon Department of Human Services in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Visit the OFMA website for additional information at


To be eligible for the Women, Infants, Children (WIC) Farm Direct Nutrition Program, an individual must be a WIC client (babies under 6 months of age excluded) and also be receiving WIC services through a local WIC agency that is participating in the Farm Direct Nutrition Program.

The local WIC agency provides classes which teach families how to shop, prepare and cook fresh fruits and vegetables when on a tight budget. At the classes, families receive ten (10) $2 checks that can be used only at local farmers' markets and farm stands. These checks are also provided during one on one counseling. Families can learn more about the Oregon WIC Program by visiting


The Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program is distributed to seniors who meet the following guidelines:

60 years or older

Enrolled in food stamps and/or MedicAID as of April 1, 2008

Living at home or with family, not in a facility where meals are provided

Monthly income does not exceed $1,170 for a single person or $1,575 for a couple

All Senior FDNP Checks for the season are distributed in June. For questions about Senior eligibility and check distribution, contact: 866-299-3562.


  • Imported foods such as tropical fruits

  • Processed foods - milk, jam, dried fruit, herbs, baked goods, cider, cheese

  • Non-produce foods - eggs, raw nuts, fish, meats, honey

  • Non-food agricultural items - plants, seeds, cut flowers

  • Non-food items - crafts, jewelry


Oregon has 70 Oregon farmers' markets. Farmers accepting checks will have a WIC/Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Program sign.

For participating Oregon farm stands, visit Oregon Department of Agriculture's website at:

Thank You for Supporting Oregon Family Farms!



Debit Cards: The Market will honor debit cards (with a 1.50 service charge added to the total). If you would like to use your debit card at the Market, please come to the PFM table to use our card swipe machine. Rather than receiving cash, our staff will hand out $5 wooden tokens that may be used at any vendor booth to purchase any item at the Market. There is no expiration date on $5 wooden tokens.


Credit Cards: Credit Cards are not accepted.

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